Installation of Linux systems

Linux is similar to UNIX operational system which consists of a core called kernel and additional software required for proper functioning and using of the system. It is developed under GNU GPL license (General Public License) and distributed (commonly) free of charge.

Each customer can prepare himself the machine which he would like to co-locate with us.

When our customer use co-location with us but doesn’t have Linux operation system we give him free of charge installation. Any subsequent installation/reinstallation costs 25 Euro, which includes only the installation and Internet connection establishment, without installment of Web servers, etc. Recommended parameters for co-located with us machine are - rack mountable /1, 2, 3, 4 U/.

Restarting the system

Each customer using co-location in Telnet could apply a restart of the machine in case of emergency.

Hardware maintenance

Each customer using a co-location or other service in Telnet could use replacement of fault component of machine/hardware against relevant payment.


We done the co-location at the moment the customer gives us the machine or within 24 hours if we have to install Linux.